NBA 2k21: Tips and advices for MyCareer Part 2

In the first part of this article, we gave you some tips to start MyCareer in a good way by choosing the right build and performing well during the Introduction part of the career. The next advice is to make sure to get as much virtual currency or VC as possible. VC is an important element of MyCareer as it is the only way to buy stats upgrades so the more VC you get, the quicker your player evolves. You get VC by playing games and by completing challenges given by your sponsors. The challenges give you more VC than just going through games. There are other ways to get VC like the Daily Spin from Jeff’s 2K Arcade or the quizzes on 2KTV.

The next advice is about the way you shoot, when the game released, the new shooting system created a lot of controversy as it let players confused as to how it worked. Since then the developers have not only fixed the ways the new system works but also reintroduced the old one. So if you have trouble with your shots just go to the menu and select the system which suits you better.

The last thing you need to know about MyCareer is that you must never underestimate the usefulness of badges. Giving a badge to your player will boost his abilities and allow him to compete with players who have a better overall rating than him. The best way to use badges is by equipping those corresponding the best with your playing style. You can unlock new badges by playing games in MyCareer or by training. It is important to unlock as many badges as possible in order to try different combinations.

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